Lifeline Church | Small Groups
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Small Groups


  • Men of Movement

    Chicago (Westside)
    Men 18+

  • Let's Grow

    Bolingbrook, IL
    Families w/Children

  • Parents Encouraging Parents

    Chicago (Westside), IL
    Single Parents +18

  • Restored

    Chicago (Westside), IL
    Women 18-50

  • My Brother's Keeper

    West Suburbs, IL
    Men 18+


  • Winning Wives

    Cicero, IL
    Married Women 25-45

  • Pearls for Powerful Living

    Chicago (Westside)
    Women 18+

  • Beauty For Ashes

    Chicago (Westside)
    Women 20s-40s

  • Families Digging Deeper

    Glen Ellyn, IL
    Families 20s-40s

  • Chilling With The Word

    Everyone 18+

  • #Konnect Kickback

    Chicago, IL
    Everyone 19-30

  • Men in HIS Image

    Chicago, IL
    Everyone 18+

  • People of Purpose

    Chicago (Westside)
    Everyone (30s-40s)

  • Men of Steel

    Oak Park, IL
    Men 20s, 30s

  • Dream On

    Chicago (Galewood)
    Married Couples 20+

  • Women of Destiny

    West Suburbs, IL (Bellwood)
    Women 30+

  • Sold Out For Jesus

    Chicago (Westside)
    Everyone 18+

  • Couple Your Faith

    Berwyn, IL
    Married Couples 18+

  • Enjoying the Journey

    West Suburbs
    Couples 20s, 30s, 40s

  • Happily Unmarried

    Cicero, IL
    Men & Women 31-50

  • Family Life

    West Suburbs
    Married Couples 18+

  • Women with Oil

    Chicago, IL
    Women 30+

  • Running With Purpose

    Chicago, IL
    Everyone 18+

Ground Rules

Ground Rules

Let’s all agree to commit to the following:


  1. Requirements.  Participants must be at 18 years of age, a Partner of Lifeline Church and have successfully completed the New Partners Boot Camp.  Non-Partners are allowed to attend with Group Leader authorization.  We encourage


  1. Accountability.  Small Groups are part of Lifeline Church’s Culture. Your commitment to full attendance is expected. Please let the Group Leader know the (good) reason should you need to absent.


  1. Affirmation.  Acknowledge that every person in this group is at a different point in considering, seeking or following Christ, and commit to value and affirm people for who they are.


  1. Confidentiality.  I’ll maintain complete confidentiality. What I hear and say stays in my group.
  1. Listening.  I understand that others will need to be encouraged to share, to be open and to show emotion. I will let them do so, without being judgmental, trying to “fix” them or offering unwelcomed advice.


  1. Self-Awareness.  I understand that some of us are talkers and some of us are quieter, so I’ll be aware of not dominating the discussion or always leaving the weight of it to others.


  1. Vulnerability.  I’ll stretch myself to be as open and honest as I can with my perspectives and experience to create a safe environment that might encourage others to takes risks as well.


  1. Conflict.  Know that any community gathering has potential for conflict. Commit to offer grace to others and not leave the group over disagreements, realizing that God can use conflict to develop and mature us in our Christian


  1. Preparation.  Before each meeting, I’ll have done any “homework” assigned to my group, whether that’s reading something, praying for someone or just bringing the tortilla chips.


  1. How long are the groups?

Small groups are the culture of Lifeline Church and will be on going.


  1. How many sessions are we allowed to miss?

 We encourage you not miss any sessions


  1. Can my children attend with me?

Children are only allowed to groups open to children


  1. Is there a cost for Connect Small Groups?

No costs for Connect Small Groups

  1. Who will be leading Connect Small Groups?

Selected leaders including and not excluding Elders, Pastors, and Ministers


  1. How do I sign up for Connect Small Groups?


  1. Are there age limits for Connect Small Groups?

Must be 18 years of age to participate in small groups


  1. Where will Connect Small Groups be held?

Meetings will be held in Homes, Cafés, Libraries, etc., any facility that has been pre- approved and designated by the Connect Small Group leader.


  1. Can I participate in more than one Connect Small Group?

We encourage you to participate in one Connect Small Group session at a time, and that you highly consider your other responsibilities.

The Purpose of Small Groups