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Money Management

What is Portion Order?

“Portion Order” is a bible based sound method of managing your finances. The Word of God clearly provides instruction on how the “Believer” is to prioritize their resource to freely allow the God to bless their finances for increase to enjoy live.


  1. Kingdom Investment
  2. Personal Responsibilities
  3. Generational Wealth
  4. Enjoy Life (John 10:10)


Learn more about by viewing Portion Order Media.

Financial Coaching

An 8-week session that will marry biblical principles with practical teachings so students can make sound, informed financial decisions as they navigate this world’s system. Students will explore topics such as banking, credit, investments and portion order to bring discovery, clarity and solutions to top financial pitfalls that Believers can face. Students will even learn how to introduce their children to money to shape their views at an early age! Fulfill Heaven’s Debt-Free Agenda!


Life Training Institute Site

Portion Order Media

Ingredients to Financial Increase

Ingredients to Financial Increase